Frequently Asked Questions

We are always available to answer your questions via phone, email or chat... but here are just a few of the more common questions that you might ask before choosing VisitBase

VisitBase will save you time and money in managing your business, and take the headache out of both account and case management. We can support you standing out from the crowd. When you subscribe to VisitBase, you are not just getting a great product… you will get great service that helps to reduce IT costs, and save countless time.

VisitBase is heavily geared toward streamlining day to day operations. Our focus is on automating both common and more complex tasks, whether these are undertaken at reception, in the consultation room or by a practice manager. VisitBase also provides an enormous range of report options, all of which can be incorporated into automations, allowing your practitioners or other staff members to be emailed their designated reports on a recurring basis.
Our ability to support your team beyond the basics is what really separates us from our competitors. Our system is designed with flexibility in mind, allowing VisitBase to mould to your business needs.

If you are purchasing a practice that uses VisitBase, and anticipating a change of team members, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us so that we can show you how to get more out of VisitBase, and help you experience the smoothest transition possible. In addition to our support, there are many training resources available to help your staff fast track their understanding of the system.

Yes. You can setup multiple locations in VisitBase, and link different user profiles, receipt headers, integration accounts, calendar groups, reports, message templates and more.

Yes. Similar to setting up multiple locations, you can also configure multiple business entities and link different user profiles to those businesses. This simplifies account management by ensuring that payments are linked and summarised appropriately for end-of-day checks and tax-reporting purposes. It also allows you to configure different receipt settings for each business.

If a “user license” is assigned to you on your clinic subscription, then you can access VisitBase on any of your devices. If you are licensed as part of a “shared connection”, then you are only permitted to access VisitBase from the specified device (e.g. a reception computer). A “shared connection” can reduce licensing costs if there are several staff members that only require access from a common shared device, while a “user license” permits access from anywhere.

VisitBase subscription pricing is largely based on the size of your team, as the size of the team will typically reflect the level of activity in the business moreso than the number of practitioners alone.
The standard and most flexible licensing option is user licensing, where each member of the team is licensed to use VisitBase on whichever device they are using at the time – e.g. this could be a work computer, home computer, iPad, iPhone or Android device. FileMaker software may therefore be installed on multiple devices so that a user has the optimal experience connecting to VisitBase regardless of where they are at the time. User licenses are required for all practitioners. They are also required for admin staff if the staff member is not covered by a shared connection license (see below).
For clinics that have multiple part-time admin staff and that only require access from a common workstation (e.g. reception computer), you can licence the workstation instead of each individual user. This is called a shared connection, and will be more economical for these scenarios.
Most clinics will either exclusively have user licenses (one for each team member), or they may have one or two shared connection licenses for reception, in addition to user licenses for their practitioners.

Yes. VisitBase can be accessed via your web browser. However, for typical day-to-day usage (e.g. during a shift), we recommend using a device that is compatible with the FileMaker software (Mac, Windows, iOS) to experience the full power of VisitBase.

VisitBase is developed on the Claris FileMaker® software platform, a powerful and secure rapid development eco-system produced by Claris. The FileMaker Pro (Mac and Windows) and FileMaker Go (iOS) applications effectively work as the “browser” for VisitBase, minus some of the limitations of a typical browser interface. For iOS devices, you can download the “FileMaker Go” application for free from the App Store. For Windows and Mac devices, we will provide you with a link to download and install the software, which generally takes 2-3 mins. Once the software is installed, a shortcut is created using the internet address of your database, so that you can open VisitBase.
That being said, you can still access VisitBase via a web browser if required – for example, to check appointments or patient files on an Android phone. Licenses to use the FileMaker software are included in your VisitBase subscription, so you do not need to purchase the software separately.

You do not need to purchase separate licenses for FileMaker software. Software licenses are covered by your VisitBase subscription.

Subscription pricing and other potential costs are outlined in more detail on our pricing page.

Yes. Get in touch with our support team and we can apply the change to your subscription instantly or advise you on your licensing requirements.

Customers based in Australia will have their data stored in an AWS region data centre (Amazon Web Services) located in Sydney, Melbourne or Perth. Backups are distributed across multiple data centres.
New Zealand customers currently have their data stored in the Sydney AWS region. However, we hope to migrate New Zealand customers to the anticipated Auckland AWS region some time in 2024. We also have servers available in North America, Asia, Europe and South Africa for our international customers.
Security is our number one priority. All data including database files and attachments, in addition to the volumes that the data resides on, and all backups, are encrypted using military-grade encryption (AES-256). We also employ end-to-end encryption in transit, protecting your data from eaves-droppers.
Two-factor authentication is available and encouraged for all users as an additional layer of security for your accounts. Access Privileges and Access Groups can be used to define the level of access for each user, thus allowing you to restrict access on a need-to-know and less-is-best basis.
Most likely, yes. We provide a comprehensive migration service to move data from the most common practice management systems used by our target audience, including Cliniko, SmartSoft, Capable, Visual Outcomes, and Nookal. We can also migrate data from other systems depending on the database format, or the ability to export data to common formats such as csv or xlsx. Please get in touch with our support team to discuss further.

Your VisitBase subscription runs on a month-to-month basis. If you cancel your subscription, you will retain full access up until the end of the current monthly billing cycle. You will be able to export your data to xlsx, csv and pdf formats depending on your needs, and all patient attachments can be exported into folders based on the patient name or unique id.

If purchasing a new computer, we generally recommend a minimum of 4-cores and 8GB RAM on the device. Most newer model computers will already have these minimum specifications. Having said this, older devices with 2-cores and 4GB RAM may still be able to run VisitBase, depending on the operating system being used. It is preferable that your device is capable of running the latest version of its operating system to ensure that it is compatible with any integrated software and with receiving the latest security updates.
Apple typically provides security updates for a couple more years after the device can no longer be updated. After that time, the device may no longer support new browser or application versions, and will be less secure. This is similar for Windows devices, if they are no longer able to be updated.
If purchasing a new iOS device, all current models meet the requirements for VisitBase and can be expected to be adequate for at least 5 years. However, this also depends on Apple’s update release cycle. Devices may in some cases be adequate for longer than this, assuming that they still have access to security updates.
Android phones should be compatible with the latest chrome browser version if accessing VisitBase via web browser.