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Flexible user preferences

Create services for any treatment modality and customise clinical note short-cuts for different practitioners.  Practitioners can share the same short-cuts, or create their own.  The same applies for consultation templates - these can be modality, service and/or patient-specific.

Flexible statistics & charts

Flexible statistics & charts allow for detailed qualitative and quantitative business analysis.  VisitBase has options to create customised reports and charts, and save them as 'favourites', so that you don't need to re-enter search criteria each time you run the report.

SMS & Email

SMS and email reminders can be completely automated, or manually sent when desired.  Likewise with recalls, birthday greetings, newsletters, or other marketing material.

Online booking

Patients can book an appointment directly via your website.

Wages and Expenses

Track staff hours and calculate wages using the Timesheet feature.  Enter your business expenses and attach receipts with ease.  You can drop-in scanned receipts, or take a photo of a receipt directly within the expense record from your iPad or iPhone.

Manage recalls

Monitor short and long-term recalls using the Activity Recall list or favourite reports.  Send group recall messages via sms, email or snail mail, using customisable templates.