Flexible, Powerful, Time-saving Features

Here are just a few of the many flexible, powerful and time-saving features offered in VisitBase… 


VisitBase integrates with Tyro/Medipass, Square, Payrix, ClickSend, Physitrack®, Google Maps and more… we also offer flexible built-in online booking, online forms and automations that will streamline your day-to-day business

clinical notes
Clinical Notes

We believe the flexibility and efficiency of VisitBase sets it apart from our competitors. Consultation templates and clinical note shortcuts can be customised for almost any scenario, and will help keep you on target and on time

calendar functions

Our calendar can be organised into different column groups to suit multiple practitioners or different days of the week.

Your calendar rules and preferences will keep you organised and save you time

online booking
Online Booking

Keep costs down and maintain control of your appointments with our intuitive and highly customisable online booking system.

Simply add a link to your website, or customise your webpages further to really make it shine!

reports and statistics

If you need easy access to one report, or 100 reports, then VisitBase has you covered. Need something customised? There isn’t much that we can’t achieve.

Run your reports on demand, singular or multiple, or automate delivery via email.

sms and email
SMS & Email

Send your appointment reminders, recalls or other communications either manually or as part of an automation.

Define basic, or very specific criteria, to customise and send your messages.

billing and claims processing

Handling advance payments, outstanding debt, third party and group billing scenarios is a breeze in VisitBase with the Activity monitor, reports and various payment and claims integrations.


Whatever happened to that patient?

This is a question that you should never need to ask again. Monitor recalls/follow-ups at a glance, or throw in some automations for consistency.

wages and expenses
Wages & Expenses

Track staff hours and keep a detailed log of business expenses, including scanned or photographed receipts.

If you are using third-party accounting software, our custom report and export options will give you the figures and data that you need.