VisitBase integrates with Tyro/Medipass, Square, Payrix, ClickSend, Physitrack®, Google Maps and more… we also offer flexible built-in online booking, online forms and automations that will streamline your day-to-day business.

Comprehensive report and export options also enable the generation of pdf, xlsx or csv files for offline review or for import into other systems such as accounting software, mailing systems or CRM tools.

Scroll down for details about some of the integration options in VisitBase…

Tyro Health & Medipass

Process Medicare, DVA, HICAPS (private health insurance), WorkCover QLD, icare WorkCover (NSW) claims. Process credit card payments using a Tyro terminal.

  • medicare bulk-bill and patient-claim
  • dva
  • healthpoint digital claims (no terminal required)
  • healthpoint claims (via Tyro terminal integration)
  • workcover queensland
  • icare workcover nsw
  • comcare
  • credit card payments (Tyro terminal)


Payrix is a simple-to-use payment platform that is fully integrated into VisitBase

  • request payments of invoices via an email or sms link
  • send digital direct debit request forms to your patients
  • setup automated recurring payment schedules using a credit card or bank account
  • charge credit cards on file (card-not-present transactions)
  • enable partial or full payment for appointments booked online


Square provides card-present and card-not-present payment options for VisitBase customers in Australia and North America

  • request payments of invoices via an email or sms link
  • integrated credit card payments via Square Terminal
  • charge credit cards on file (card-not-present transactions)
  • setup automated recurring payment schedules/subscriptions using a credit card


Physitrack® is a great tool for prescribing and managing rehab protocols and Telehealth video conferencing for Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Myotherapists and more.

  • select Physitrack protocols direct from patient file in VisitBase
  • synchronise patient programs that were added prior to setting up the integration
  • attach patient programs in pdf format for easy reference
  • view current programs without leaving the patient file in VisitBase
  • open patient file in Physitrack via a link in VisitBase for other features such as Telehealth video conferencing


ClickSend is a feature-rich messaging platform that is tightly integrated into numerous features in VisitBase

  • create and modify templates directly in VisitBase for use with ClickSend messaging
  • include html markup in your email templates for a more professional look
  • send sms and/or email appointment reminders to your patients
  • send sms and/or email recall/follow-up messages
  • send receipts and statements via email
  • send online booking confirmation messages via sms and/or email
  • monitor sms replies
  • send individual sms or email messages directly from patient file or appointment bookings
  • create automations to send messages to practitioners, staff or patients based on a huge range of possible criteria
Custom prices-per-message apply for using ClickSend to send messages from VisitBase. 
For Australian customers, the cost per sms up to 160 characters is approx. 9.4c + GST. 
Please contact the VisitBase support team for more details and pricing for users in other countries.
questionnaires and forms

Online Forms

VisitBase have our own custom-built online form system to meet data residency requirements, reduce costs incurred by third party subscriptions, and to work seamlessly with other aspects of patient management and communication.

  • create your own questionnaires/forms
  • customise question types
  • customise styling, including colours, text, borders and other formatting
  • include section headings and content related to agreements or consent
  • include signature fields
  • send links for forms via sms or email
  • include links in appointment reminders, confirmations, recalls, feedback requests and other communications
Online form links are automatically generated to be patient-specific when sent to the patient.
This minimises friction with both the patient and practitioner experience.

Online Booking

There are so many appointment booking systems on the market.

What sets our online booking system apart from that of our competitors, is the accuracy at which it follows the same decision-making process as an appointment booked at reception.

  • suitable for multiple locations, modalities, practitioners and service types
  • customisable appearance, including labels, alerts, logos, colours, and visibility of all appointment parameters
  • customisable appointment filtering, including maximum appts to display overall or per day, gaps between appointments, and rule-based availability
  • recognition of patient defaults and appointment tracking settings like next appointment types
  • highly customisable confirmation messages
  • flexible options for managing payment of appointments booked online