Physitrack® Integration & Setup

Integrating Physitrack into VisitBase can simplify the prescription and monitoring of home exercise programs for your clients.  Exercise programs can be inserted as a PDF attachment into VisitBase and synchronised with the Home Care section of your client record.  You can also open and create client records, and add programs in Physitrack, directly from VisitBase.

Scroll down for details on how to setup a Physitrack account and integrate it with VisitBase…

  • Prescribe stunning exercise programs
  • Track client outcomes in real-time (incl.60+ outcome measures)
  • Educate clients through 3D anatomical animations
  • Have secure Telehealth video calls with your clients

Physitrack’s free PhysiApp client app not only offers clients a more engaging experience, but also helps them stay on track with their exercises to help them achieve better outcomes.

  • VisitBase users save approximately 30% and pay only $12.99/month to subscribe to Physitrack
  • When signing up to Physitrack (, select VisitBase as your affiliate, and use discount code VB40 to activate your discount
  • Does your clinic have 10+ practitioners? Contact Physitrack at for a group account.

Enabling the integration in VisitBase

  • In VisitBase, Go to Setup > Email & API Accounts
  • Click New Account
  • Enter a Unique Account name to identify the account (e.g. “Physitrack”, followed by the practitioner’s name)
  • Select API – Physitrack as the Application
  • Click on Details
  • The Region should be auto-populated with “au” for Australian customers
  • Click on STEP 1 and Copy the displayed API Ke
  • Login to your Physitrack account and go to My Account > Settings
  • Select VisitBase from the drop-down menu under Synchronize my client data from in the Integrations section
  • Paste the copied API key into the next field below
  • Check the Enable API access to my account checkbox a little lower down
  • Copy the API Key in the field below the checkbox
  • Click on STEP 2 in VisitBase, and paste the second API Key there
  • Repeat the process for Physitrack accounts belonging to other practitioners, ensuring that you use a unique account name to differentiate the accounts

Linking the integration to the Practitioner

  • Go to Setup > Users in VisitBase
  • Select the relevant practitioner
  • Click the account button next to the practitioner’s alias
  • Click on other access privileges
  • Click in the Physitrack API field and select the correct account to link the current practitioner to
  • Re-login for the change to take effect

Using Physitrack in VisitBase

To import all existing program templates from Physitrack into VisitBase

  • Go to Setup > Home Care Items
  • Click the Import button at the top of the window
  • Click on the first import option (allow a few mins for the import to complete if there is a large collection of program templates)

Creating or Opening a Patient File

  • In the Clinical window, click on the Home Care tab
  • Click on the Physitrack button
  • Choose Open in Physitrack to open or create the client in Physitrack
  • Choose Sync Current Programs to import or update programs that are currently active for this patient

Add a Program from VisitBase

  • Click on the New Protocol button under the Home Care tab
  • Search for the desired protocol/program (click Return on your keyboard to complete the search)
  • Click on the green “ + “ button to select
  • Click on Insert to File

Viewing details of a program

  • Click the “Pt” button alongside the relevant program under the “Home Care” tab
  • User the options in the popover window to resend program details and the access code to the patient, or to save a PDF of the program into VisitBase as an attachment
Telehealth – Physitrack also supports video calls in the browser for you and your patients