Fair, Linear Pricing

VisitBase pricing is on a per-user or per-connection basis, so that you only pay for what you need. Subscriptions are offered on a month-to-month cycle, meaning that you can cancel your subscription at anytime before the next cycle. See below for monthly subscription pricing and an outline of other potential costs associated with migrating to VisitBase, and using VisitBase together with various integration options…

Our cloud servers are located in 3 major regions within Australia in addition to other continents, ensuring that our customers are connected closer to their data centre and to help satisfy data residency requirements. A small variation in pricing exists for customers connected to our Perth (WA) servers, and for customers located outside Australia and New Zealand.

Prices below are in Australian Dollars, and exclusive of GST (10% GST will be added to the total price for Australian customers)

clinic location


base fee

* $60 for WA and international customers


one user


per user


multiple users


per shared device

e.g. Reception computer, if users are not licensed individually

example monthly pricing

  • a business that has 2 practitioners, and 3 part-time staff that only require access at reception would be charged 45 + 36 + 25 = $106 + GST
  • a solo practitioner that has no admin staff would be charged 45 + 18 = $63 + GST
  • A business based either in Perth or outside of AU/NZ, that has 3 practitioners, plus 2 admin staff that require access externally, would be charged 60 + 90 = $150 + GST

other potential costs

Aside from the monthly subscription fee for using VisitBase, some additional costs could include the following.
  • sms charge per message if using ClickSend
    • for Australian customers, approx. cost is 9.4c + GST per standard message up to 160 characters
  • email charge per message if using the ClickSend integration to send emails (no charge if using Outlook or Mail)
    • for Australian customers, approx. cost is 1.7c + GST per email
    • no charge if using Outlook or Mail apps
  • Physitrack user subscription fees if using Physitrack for home care & rehab
    • for Australian customers, approx. cost is $12.99 per month with VisitBase discount code
  • Transaction fees if using the Tyro, Medipass, Square or Payrix payment integrations (variable by business, contact VisitBase support for details)
  • API fees if using the Google Maps integration heavily (above free tier)
  • Web development or web hosting fees if using our services to manage your website (contact VisitBase support for details)
In rare cases, there may be other fees if the service requested is outside the normal range of support. This could include:
  • migration fee if transferring data from another database into VisitBase or merging data between two businesses
    • migration of data from some practice management systems does NOT incur a fee (contact VisitBase Support to discuss further)
  • employing VisitBase support for extensive customisation of data within VisitBase