Dr Dave McRae (Chiropractor)

The best thing I have done for the practice is to change our software program to Visitbase. SMS, rehab programs, emails... Visitbase can be tailor made to suit practices small or large. Visitbase provides the latest up-to-date technology with easy to use prompts… so easy. Support is sensational, no challenge is too difficult. I can highly recommend Visitbase as the next step for the technological optimisation of your practice.

Dr Anthony Coxon (Chiropractor)

I've been using the full version of VisitBase since 2010.  At the time I felt it was the best software system for chiropractors available, and today I'm certain this is the case. The great thing about VisitBase is its ability to be customised to suit individual practitioners, even within the same practice. Whether it's entering adjustments, emailing exercise recommendations, setting schedules or recording examination results, the user friendly interface makes most tasks just a click or two away. The CAs love it too. Booking and receipting is logical and easy. Once again, so many great features are built in, but if you need to structure things differently, the opportunity to customise is there for you. Most importantly the back end service is impeccable. No matter how good the program there's always a need to sort out teething issues from time to time. Steve has been reliable and prompt every time I've needed him. I've always been impressed with his service. Great value. Great program. I can't recommend VisitBase highly enough.

Bec Bowring & Darren Little (Chiropractors)

We have just had our 1st anniversary using Visitbase across our 3 practices...... & without a doubt I can say that this program & Stephen have been instrumental in taking us to the next level of practice. Not only do we have a super paperless system & unsurpassed recalling systems, it has actually SAVED US MONEY! For us to go paperless for our clinical notes with our former system (we had that one for 12 years) would have cost us more than double what Visitbase will over 5 years, including full setup!! There are features like direct photographing & videoing to file, seemingly infinite search parameters and automatic consent reminders, things I didn't even know I wanted & now can't live without! .... As soon as I can't work out how to do something - there's a training video on youtube; I can't get the system to do something ridiculous - next update has it incorporated & amazing. Brilliant product extraordinary support! I don't know how we survived without it.

Claire Ferguson (Chiropractor)

After using and trialling several other systems, we decided to get VisitBase which was the best decision we could have made. The functionality is perfect for our practice, from both practitioner and practice manager perspectives and the education and support provided by Stephen is un-rivalled. I would recommend it to anyone.

Dr Rosemary Keating (Chiropractor)

Visitbase has allowed our office to operate more efficiently and effectively.  The patient profiles, appointment schedules and clinical notes and exams link seamlessly are are easily accessed. The system is easy to use and the team at Visitbase are amazing in their support, with great support during set-up, excellent training videos, and ongoing follow-up advice and troubleshooting. We love it!

R. Veronesi (Chiropractor)

I started my practice 2 years ago and I knew that I wanted to have an efficient front desk system in place from the start and I knew that going electronic and having a paperless filing system was key to building streamline systems. I wanted a computer system that would not only have excellent front desk/reception capabilities, but also make scripting patient records, creating reports, prescribing exercises or other home care advice and generating statistics easy, all in the one place. I found that with visitbase. I have been using visitbase for the last 2 years and will continue to use the program and can honestly recommend it to anyone who wants to make their practice more efficient.


Dr Simon Brice (Chiropractor)

I run a large, multidisciplinary clinic using VisitBase with 10 computers and 4 iPads running at any given time. We all find it extremely easy to use, from billing through to patient notes and report writing, as well as statistical analysis. It is completely customizable and allows for complete yet rapid patient notes and reports. The support is fantastic - quick and responsive to our individual needs. I would recommend VisitBase to any size clinic, and welcome any questions from us directly.

Dr Paul Noone (Chiropractor)

VisitBase has provided us with so many more capabilities especially with regards to careful and thorough documentation of difficult cases with minimal effort. We can take photos and record video of our patients directly inside VisitBase, enter comprehensive clinical notes with the tap of a few buttons, and implement more objective monitoring of patient progress through the use of mini-scales and questionnaires. Its a great system that I would recommend to anyone.

Dr Kathleen Lawson (Chiropractor)

Our practice converted from paper to manual files 6 years ago, and we began using VisitBase 4 years ago.  The difference between VisitBase and any other electronic record-keeping software (and we've had experience with several...) is incredible. The ease of use for appointments, accounts, statistical anaylsis of your practice, not to mention the quality of your patient files and notes is second to none. I am able to generate correspondence to other health professionals direct form my patient files, I keep better notes, our appointment book runs smoothly, we benefit from great intra office communication, and I know where the practice is at financially at any time. We are also able to call on technical support any time we have an issue, and the service is wonderful. I have no hesitation in endorsing VisitBase as a fantastic asset for your practice - I'd recommend it to anyone, especially if you're not paperless but want to be - start with the end in mind, and go with the best there is!

Dr Mike Melling-Williams (Chiropractor)

I have been using Visitbase in my office for the past 6 months. The software is outstanding.  The after sales service is of the highest standard as is the technical support. The simplicity of the program is what makes it a winner for me, a good example is that i we no longer give out paper receipts, they are all emailed to clients. VB is very much a system that will take your practice into the paperless future. The reminder service for appointments is easy to use. Can be done by either email or sms. The clinical notes features are comprehensive and easy to use on both the iPad and the desktop. The note taking feature can be customised to suit your practice style. There are so many other features that could be mentioned such as the great booking system, graphs of statistical reports, products and services menus, library, the list goes on. Overall the package is extremely functional and well designed to meet the needs of practices of all sizes. I recommend the VB program without hesitation.